I have always felt the need to create for as long as i can remember.

Whether it was a whittled stick, from down on the farm where I grew up. Or friendship bracelets to give to my friends. 


Creating feeds my soul.


At school I particularly loved Art. I would always be on the look out for little treasures to collect to make things with later.


I ended up with A levels in Art and Art Textiles and then moving onto a Diploma in art foundation at Weymouth College.


It wasn't until my early 20s that i realised it was jewellery I had to make.


I somehow stumbled across a fairly new material called 'ArtClay Silver'. 

This Silver Clay is made from Fine silver particles, mixed with an organic binder to make it malleable. Once it has been shaped and dried, it is fired using a kiln or blow torch to burn away the binder and fusing the silver. Leaving a solid piece of fine silver jewellery.


This material gave me a way into creating the type of jewellery i craved to make. 

I read all the books, watched all the videos and attended some courses, to learn as much as i possibly could. 

Now I have over 12 years of experience. Along the way I've been evolving and now use mostly traditional Silversmithing techniques to create my items. I am learning new skills every single day . 


You can follow my journey on

and .


I aim to create items that give the wearer confidence and feel elegant. 


About Me

Bold, beautiful, timeless Silver Jewellery. 

Creatively inspired by nature. 

Specialising in the natural history of the south coast of England 

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